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The Challenge

Client was facing a frequent failure on their seawater cooling system intake which comprised of 52” butterfly valve. Since the application is sea water, the internal of the valve is rubber lined. The rubber liner which was damaged caused the valve body to be punctured. Removal of valve from an active line was a big task and the entire system need to shutdown which result in production loss, down time & the expenses of replacing of liner and the entire piping system. The main question was why the valve rubber liner is getting damaged.


AOTC analysed the complete situation at site and proposed a solution to change the rubber liner with metal liner to suit the seawater service and AOTC offered a warranty of one year.

The Results

The modified valve was taken in service for observation. The operation and function of the valve was found normal. It has been almost two years now since the work was completed without receiving any complaints. Client is planning to apply the same method of modification on their other valves in the near future.

  • No emergency failure and one time solution
  • No production loss
  • Cost saving of installation & removal of heavy piping structures

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