Alcohol and Drug Policy


Advanced Oilfield Technology Company is committed to ensure a safe and productive work environment at all company work sites and facilities, and to safeguard company and customer property. The company strictly prohibits the use, sale, transfer or possession of drugs or any other controlled substance and the use and sale of alcohol on any company or customer premises or worksite.

This prohibition includes but not limited to company vehicles as well as private vehicles parked on the company premises or worksites. AOTC strictly prohibits any employee being at work under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Employees who may be subjected to random screening by client at worksite are required to fully cooperate with the client to ensure that a safe and productive work environment is maintained at all times.

If required, refusal to give a urine sample or being in possession or under the influence of alcohol, or drugs will be grounds for termination of any employee or grounds for rescinding an employment offer to a job applicant.

It shall not be a violation of this policy for an employee with current and valid medical prescription for a drug (issued by licensed Physician) if such use does not affect employee's performance or creates a risk to the safety of the employee or others.

Driving Policy


Advanced Oilfield Technology Company is committed to the delivery of its obligations under the Health and Safety legislation and regulation in Oman with regard to driving at work, and recognises that there are specific risks to employees who are driving on behalf of the Company.


AOTC has introduced this policy with the objective of identifying and minimising those risks and encouraging safe driving in order to reduce the number of accidents and comply with its legal obligations governed by the Royal Oman Police (ROP).

The overall purpose of this policy/ procedure is to provide guidance on company rules related to driving and to ensure that all Company employees are aware of the health and safety implications of using a company vehicle or for using any vehicle on company business.

AOTC places great importance on the health and safety of its employees when it comes to driving company’s vehicle drivers, as well as members of the public and must rely on every employee to maintain a responsible attitude to the welfare of others.

The practice of safe driving is essential to maintain all our drivers' ability to perform their jobs effectively. The company endeavours to achieve the highest standards in all areas of health and safety and company drivers are relied upon to observe all the rules of the road, in addition to guidance related to the use and maintenance of their assigned vehicles.

On the basis that all accidents are preventable, all company drivers are required to operate their vehicles, at all times, in a responsible and considerate manner, with due regard to the safety of themselves and others, the objective being to minimise the risk of accident.

Company vehicles are expensive items of business equipment that must be maintained in a legal, road worthy condition at all times. Each driver is required to read this document and become familiar with the various sections.

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