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AOTC participates in Downstream exhibition at the new convention centre

Oman Downstream Exhibition and Conference (ODEC) 2017 serves a meaningful purpose to the region and had encouraged the maximization of in-country value. The committee had held the inaugural ODEC Advisory Board meeting with the industry shareholders, to discuss the biggest challenges facing the industry, many of which are addresses in the 3 days exhibition & conference.

AOTC participated & showcased the downstream onsite services like Hot Tapping, Cold Cutting, Flange Facing, Bolt tensioning & torquing, Trevi testing & Corrosion engineering service with BELZONA products like Encapsulation, Composite Wrapping, Flange serration & onsite leak sealing.
Other than the mentioned, the overall key services like fabrication of Tanks, Silos , API connections , Thermal Spray Technology were the highlights of the exhibition.

AOTC with its technology partners M/s Score Middle East had showcased the latest module for there onsite leak detection technology & with ICL India for the renewable resources projects to meet the needs of OMAN industrial sector.

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