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specializes in providing pipeline solutions as an innovative engineering solutions company. We prioritize the delivery of expert on-site services, and maintain the integrity of production, process plant, and pipework. AOTC focuses on piping, pipeline integrity, maintenance, online modifications, comprehensive products and services for joint free leakage, piping inspection, intervention, isolation, repair, connection, and work scope testing.

AOTC is a service-driven, professional organization, and we take pride in offering the highest quality site-based services. Our goal is to offer you the cost-effective pipeline solutions you need in one convenient location, so you can make optimal use of your operational assets, and minimize downtime.

On Site


  • Flange management
  • Controlled bolting - torque and tension
  • Gasket access - flange spreading
  • Pipe alignment - flange pulling
  • Seized nut splitting
  • Technical bolting : torquing & tensioning.
  • Hot bolting
  • On-site machining

    Pipe cut and end prep

    Flange facing

    SPO compact flange machining

    Milling and keyway cutting

    Portable thread milling

    Drilling trepanning, boring and reaming

    Journal turning, shaft turning repair and tire grinding

    Heat exchanger services and boiler weighing packages

    Stud removal

  • Hot tapping
  • Line stop & pipe plugging
  • Pipe freezing
  • Leak detection
  • Pipe line pigging services
  • Pipe line decommissioning

    Making the pipeline product-free

    Chemical cleaning

    Mechanical cleaning

    Inertization by filling with safe product so the pipeline can remain in place.

    Condition monitoring services

  • Field service engineering

    Machinery fault diagnose, offline vibration analysis and troubleshooting

    Alignment service & insitu balancing


    Endoscopy ( Boroscopy)

    Motor current signature analysis

    Technical bearing consultancy

    Bearing failure analysis

    Controlled bolting

  • Competent filed service

    Impact model testing

    Operating deflection shape

    Pump testing

    Torsional vibration measurement

    Lubrication consultancy and oil analysis

    Bearing fitment /bearing fitment lubrication.

  • Electrical field service

    PD testing, stator core & stator insulation testing

    Wedge tightness testing

    Rotor winding on line testing

  • Online condition monitoring services

    Installation, configuration, trouble shooting and start up of online CM system based on the application and customer request.

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