Machining And Surface Engineering

provides maintenance and repair services for your critical jobs as a leader in the scientific deployment of repair technology. We offer specialized solutions for weld surfacing, machining, pre- and post-weld heat treatment in critical turnkey reclamations, using the latest technologies and surfacing materials.

AOTC boasts a well-equipped Facility, where we give worn out or broken machine components new machine lifetimes, with multiple services from scientific analysis to turnkey repairs that can keep your fleet of machines working.

AOTC focuses on preventive maintenance and repair welding, reducing scrap and countering the effects of your work on your machinery. Our extensive knowledge of metallurgy and deep experience in manufacturing and repair also help us to develop new solutions and enhance older processes.

AOTC's manufacturing facility contains state-of-the-art technologies, and we use best-in-class manufacturing processes across a wide spectrum of products. Our professional services for the reconditioning and maintenance of mechanical components can help you stay productive for longer.

We are your one stop shop for manufacturing, repair, and re-manufacturing of oilfield equipment in the Middle East.

Machining And Surface Engineering


  • “Thermal Spraying Facility” ARC SPRAY & HVOF process
  • Precision Machining Services
  • Heavy Duty Machining Services
  • Reverse Engineering Services
  • Complex Machining
  • Refurbishment of down hole Oilfield components.
  • Manufacturing of Oilfield Drilling Tools as per API specification like crossover subs, PUP joints, DSAF, Drilling spools, adaptor flanges, Rotary shoulder crossovers etc.
  • Our machine shops are fully equipped with computerized CNC units, lathes, mills, borers and grinders – all of which are operated by experienced personnel highlyskilled in every aspect of machine shop activity
  • Our in-house capabilities allow us to manufacture, repair and refurbish a comprehensive spread of drilling and down hole tools to ensure your equipment arrives in optimal condition for maximum operational efficiency
  • Drill Collars
  • Drill Pipe Pups
  • Heavy Wall Drill Pipe
  • Stabilizers – Integral Blade, Welded & Sleeve
  • Substitutes, X-overs, Side Entry
  • Drift Mandrels
  • Tool Joint build-up
  • Zinc Phosphating of threaded connections and shot peening of thread
  • Complete range of junk milling tools
  • CNC Lathe & VMC (Vertical Machining Centre) manufacturing facility for mass production and to provide high precision & complicated profiles machining like Spider, taper bushings etc.
  • Specialized maintenance & repair welding of various metallurgy

Critical Parts Machining

Thermal Spray process

CNC Lathe Machine

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