AOTC’s Response to COVID-19

At AOTC, Employees Health and Safety is top priority. We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and putting in place stringent measures to protect the health and safety of our employees whilst remain equipped to deliver the needs of our customers in safe and responsible way. .

How we work

As leading Maintenance Company in Oman for Oil & Gas and various Industries, We have made the important decision to maintain operations to support our valued customers.

  • Following guidelines stipulated by Supreme Committee of Oman and Ministry.
  • Substituting work within team members.
  • Asking employees who can work from home to do so.
  • Working on different shifts to meet customer requirement.
  • Providing support and Interacting with customers through E-Communications.
  • Having contingency Plan for all services to our customers for safe delivery.

How we protect our Employees

We are focused on ensuring the health and safety of our employees and their families, customers, Visitors and the public. To that end, we are

  • Following guidelines stipulated by Supreme Committee of Oman and Ministry.
  • Restricting visitors to workplace.
  • Routine Screening of Employees at work for Covid 19 Symptoms.
  • Implementing extra sanitation measures in our workplaces.
  • Advising and practicing personal hygiene for all employees especially for washing hands using sanitizer / soap.
  • Imposing Travel Restrictions.
  • Keeping frontline employees feeling unwell at home and follow quarantine procedure.
  • Providing Training and awareness to all employees of COVID 19.
  • Providing appropriate PPE to all employees.
  • Scrutinizing using Covid -19 Field Travel Forms for personal movement to remote locations.
  • Practicing social distancing at work, travel and restricting gatherings.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation around the world and address our customers’ needs as they evolve. If you have specific questions, please contact our AOTC Sales Representative. General questions can be submitted using the contact us form.

Stay Safe.