Corrosion Engineering Services

AOTC is a leading corrosion protection contractor in the Sultanate of Oman, developing and marketing high quality innovative solutions to the Oil & Gas industries essentially, the clients list including Petroleum Development Oman (PDC)), Oman Refinery, Oman LNG, and MOD. The division is the authorized distributor of Belzona, a leading global supplier of applied surface treatments for metal and manufacturer of repair composite materials and protective coatings for equipment, machinery and structure. With this expansion in portfolio, AOTC becomes a more complete solution provider for coatings.

The division is aiming at establishing a one-stop-shop for corrosion problems, pipeline corrosion management, composite wrapping, flange face forming, online leak sealing, insulation & joint internal lining services.

Areas of Specialization

AOTC services local government and industrial clients with preparation and coating application as a specialist in Corrosion Engineering. Its team of experts are experts in applying modern coatings. Clients can select from any type of coating system and expect a professionally-delivered, expert application, delivered using the impeccable organization, experienced staff, and quality-devoted management that make AOTC a leader in the region. All of our projects meet the high quality standards of the ISO-9001 quality system.


Our Services

  • Grit blasting
  • Coating for tank surfaces, vessels, piping and structures
  • De-sludging
  • Cleaning
  • Insulation
  • GRE lining for tank and vessels
  • Corrosion Engineering
  • Consultation and allied work for oil & gas facilities

AOTC can help deliver an extensive array of repairs on both turnkey systems and in-situ maintenance. They specialize in bespoke solutions, tailored to the individual requirements of each and every client project, and they adhere to an exceptional standard in both long-term repair and protection.

AOTC leads its industry by deploying cutting-edge technologies, and leading the research and development of new approaches towards industrial maintenance. All projects of any size benefit from their leading engineer's expert innovation. Their experience works to manage all repair projects, including both unexpected and routine projects, mitigating labor time, materials, and most importantly downtime with expertise.

If your choice is to refurbish, instead of replacing, aging equipment, AOTC's experience and expertise can help you to save time and money by identifying the critical repair areas that will get your equipment back to top performance.

Chemical, extreme temperature, erosive, and cavitation resistance coatings are all specialty areas for AOTC Coating, and they can help you with your projects in almost every service condition.