O & M and Shutdown Services

AOTC offers its clients experienced technical manpower with integrated skills to ensure optimum plant performance operating and maintaining equipment within the set parameters. The division offers bespoke services by offering risk free transitions to a new stable operation. The services focus on minimizing maintenance costs and optimizing plant availability leading hence to best ROI for clients.

AOTC provides shutdown services for repair and maintenance of static equipment like Heat Exchanger, hydro jetting, cleaning, hot & cold repair including tube/tube bundle replacement & tube plugging, Hydro testing for columns, flares and stack maintenance.

Our expertise in plant and equipment operation and maintenance is second to none. We have a diverse, multi-faceted range of experience that sits across a wide variety of the areas your business focuses on to excel, including many different commodities, asset classes, and across many different geographical locations. Our business offers you a suite of operations and maintenance services that can help you to maximise the return on investment you will see from your assets over the life of all of your projects.

Our aim is to offer you cost effective, and sustainable solutions that ensure the efficient and safe operation and maintenance of your plants and factories. Every successful project you engage in requires careful management, special consideration for remote areas and extreme surroundings, and the effective engagement and communication to shareholders and partners that will ensure success, both internally and with local communities.

We recognize that the training of human resources is the first and primary consideration of any remote-deployment operation, and we focus on delivering a global standard of safe and secure operations management. Our systems training, procedural diligence training, and best practices incentivisation training will deliver you the expert workforce you need, on the timelines that makes your operation get off the ground without a hitch.

We have proven expertise in operations and maintenance, and our operational readiness is second to none. Commit to AOTC for full operations support, continuous improvement strategies, and contractual operations, and rest easy.