Pipeline and Flange Management Systems

Pipeline and Flange Management Systems

AOTC provides innovative repair and protection solutions pipelines, fittings, flanges and valves. Our solutions can provide protection for assets in most aggressive environments such as erosion, corrosion abrasion, chemical attacks and mechanical damages. 

We provide 24.7 on site service and our client can rely on our quick response during emergencies or for simple maintenance issues.


  • Repair and protect weld seams
  • Rebuild and protect pipes agaisnt erosion
  • Repair existing linings
  • Bond and seal pipe joints
  • Repair leaking pipes
  • Repair steam cut or wire drawn flanges
  • Isolate flange spacer and orifice plates
  • Protect internal and external surfaces against corrosion and chemical attack
  • Repair and seal pipe expnasion bellows
  • Repair and protect concrete pipe joints


  • Rebuild and repair erosion-corrosion damage
  • Protect internal surface against corrosion
  • Create insulating, self-lubricating or vibration-damping linings for pipe support and hangers


  • Rebuild seat and seal areas
  • Rebuild slides and guides
  • Rebuild threaded bushes
  • Rebuild/resurface gland housings
  • Repair cracked and holed casings
  • Rebuild and protect interior surfaces
  • Repair/reseat butterfly valve shaft location and bush housings
  • Repair existing linings
  • Strengthen corroded flanges

Flange Face Protection and Reforming

Cprrpsove fluids, crevice corrosion, bimetallic corrosion, and steam can lead to deterioration of flanges faces leading to leakage. Such issues if not addressed earlier can lead to breach in containment, loss of product, costly shutdown and replacement cost.

AOTC provides cost effective Flange Face repair and protection solutions that can form perfectly mating flange faces including a threaded surface finish.

Flange and Bolt Encoapsulation

AOTC provides solution for the protection of flanges, fastenings and associated pipe elements using a hybrid polymer enxapsulating membrane that can encapsulate any shape size or flanged joint configurations. This membrane protects these joints by preventing crevice, galvic and atmospheric corrosion. Our coating system is an easily peelable and re-sealable system that gives easy access to the fasteners if required.