Marine Vessels and Equipment face varied and severe operating conditions due to them being exposed to weather, salt water and galvanic effects that lead to corrosion. Conventional coating systems are usually not capable of preventing such deterioration of the health of the vessels and equipment that are also affected by cavitation, impingement and entertainment under these operating conditions. 

AOTC specializes in providing long term protection and repair solutions with fluid-grade materials for metal rebuilding and erosion-corrosion and abrasion protection for all issues faced by the marine industry.


Dock gates, overhead cranes, crawler cranes, diesel and hydraulic hammers, dump trucks, concrete mixers, dredging equipment, fenders, bollards, steel piles, multiwheel transport systems.

Port Facility Maintenance 

Weathering damage of concrete structures, slippery transit areas, roof damage, expansion joint failures, HVAC.

Cargo/Passenger Ships - BOW

Severe pitting and corrosion on bow thrusters, bulbous bows, hulls, decks, mooring winches.

Cargo/Passenger Ships - Bridge

Corrosion due to constant contact with sea water and exposure to weather elements.

Dry Docks

Severe concrete degradation and concrete spalling on concrete decks, walls and beams due to constant contact with sea water. Corrosion-erosion on the dock gates, cranes and crane rails, syncrolifts and shiplift systems, haul-out marine railways and shipways, compressed air systems, steam lines and gas lines.


Cavitation, pitting and corrosion on keel coolers, hulls, rudder, bilges and the propulsion system (propeller shadt, engine, gear box, stern tube). Splites and tears of rub rails and fenders.

Cargo/Passenger Ships - STERN

Pittiong, corrosion - erosion on CHT tanks, potable water tanks, feed water tanks, propulsion system, pumps, sea, chest, heat exchangers, pipework, rudder, ventilation trunks, misalignment of crankshaft in marine engines or shafts in pumps or rotating equipment.